International Medical Collaboration


Our company International Medical Collaboration (IMC) was established to provide partnership and service for health and medical professionals across the globe.

With over 10 years of experience in customer service, and working alongside medical institutions, we aim to deliver the best collaboration between individuals and prospective organisations.

Our objectives

Our main goal is to provide an opportunity for medical professionals, to enhance their medical portfolio through more experience, and increased comprehension of the industry. In addition, we also provide medical institutions with an opportunity to train and develop their medical workforce.

Our service

We mainly work alongside health professionals, and assist them through the application and selection process, when choosing medical institutions to apply to. 

Our service also includes the advising and support when applying through the variety of training programmes available. Our work entails confirming that the correct documents are present, in order for the application to be processed successfully. 

Furthermore, we provide medical institutions with a chance to teach, prime and promote the growth of their medical staff through tailored training and development programs, delivered by our experienced doctors.

Our Scope

Our services aim to facilitate Clinical Placements to all Healthcare



Clinical Fellow


Medical Students

Health Professionals

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